The Value Gap Effect

The Value Gap Effect


The sources of all advisor value can be filtered down to three foundational categories. Character. Competency. Concern.


The Value Gap was originally designed in the mid 1980’s and has been helping advisors express their value to ideal audiences ever since. Advisors who understand the basic foundational concepts of their alpha (value) have an easier time explaining what their value is to ideal like-minded individuals. The best way to exude your value in the digital age is to have your clients so well educated that they can tell the story of your value with their eyes closed. Understanding why you are relevant is the first step in becoming indispensable to your clients. The simplification of the definition of your value comes from the three core components of The Value Gap and the effect of that simplification empowers you to take control over the perception of your value immediately.



Discover how to expand your Value Gap in the form of your Tangible Advisor Alpha