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Hi, my name is Grant Barger and my purpose is to help financial professionals maximize their relevance. I created this website to help advisors design their unique brands in a free and confidential platform.

I believe that relevance is the number one issue facing advisors today.

I believe that relevance is the infinite challenge for all financial professionals.

I believe that your unique advisor brand is the foundation for your perpetual relevance.

Please feel free to take advantage of the resources I have been able to curate through the years as a second generation advisor advocate.

Everything that I have created has been designed to help financial professionals maximize their relevance.

Every advisor can benefit from the free resources I have provided on this site.

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Growing Your Value

Growing Your Value

Advisor value design for the advisor in the future is available 24/7 right here… but why is it so critical?

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As a modern trusted advisor, you must become empowered by technology to turn incremental learning into exponential returns on the investment of your resources.

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This Is Not Conjecture

This Is Not Conjecture

At Tangible Alpha we do not simply publish good ideas that lead to possible success. We show advisors exactly how to become successful. 24/7.

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