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The key to your relevance in a robo-world is the design of your value.

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It is critical for you to maximize your relevance without wasting time. The micro-moments of Tangible Alpha empower you to amplify your unique value for digital consumption two minutes at a time. 



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A free platform of micro-value-design that helps advisors maximize their relevance in a robo-world.

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Advisor Benchmarks

Everything that you publish creates your digital footprint… Whether it be in the form of comments (as seen in this article), or in the form of blog posts as seen here, on this blog post… or a combination of the two… which I have curated to bring meaning to my beliefs and opinions in a tangible fashion.

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The New Model

Advisor relevance in a robo-world requires a new way of thinking about value. Introspection is a must for financial professionals who wish to survive.

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