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Advisor Alpha is the Perception of Advisor Value

The perception of value as defined by the prospect, the client, the firm, the industry… and then there’s you, the advisor.

Who do you think should be the author of the definition of your value?

The only way to truly own your alpha is to control its perception.

Own the words. Own the Perception. Own Your Alpha. Own Your Destiny.




If you are not proactive in taking complete control over the perception of your advisor value you will be replaced in the age of digital transparency.






Social Media Curation Designed to Help Financial Advisors Maximize Their Value


We help advisors understand their relevance… the value they provide has more significance to their clients’ goals than simply ROI in capital markets.





What does #TangibleAlpha mean?

Any content that gets tagged #TangibleAlpha by us is an indicator for our clients and followers to consider that piece of information to be worth your while.

We are helping advisors build noise filters to become more efficient, so anything we can do to make the process of designing value run smoother for advisors… well, that’s just part of who we are.

Social media is great if you can get a grip on the upside and not waste energy on the noise.

#TangibleAlpha is another way we help advisors reduce the noise to increase their value more efficiently.

Curated Tweets

Adapting other advisors’ concepts.

Turning tactical concepts into strategic solutions…

Not having a filter to help you design your unique system of value development will get you washed away in an ocean of digital noise and get you lost in a sea of sameness that makes your differentiation impossible for your ideal clients to discern.

#TangibleAlpha helps advisors take successful tactical concepts and adapt them more efficiently into their own value development model.

The battle to remain digitally relevant is real… this is how you will win.




To control the perception of your value your alpha must be tangible.

Curated content from competent minds is one resource we offer that helps advisors design their own #tangiblealpha.

Let our content curation maximize your advisor value.




#TangibleAlpha on Linkedin

Content curation that helps advisors maximize their value with LinkedIn.

Maximize your Advisor Value with significant curated content that fits efficiently into your strategic value design model.

Filter the noise with #TangibleAlpha



Search #TangibleAlpha in the search-bar on LinkedIn or click the images above to go directly to relevant content that will help increase your Maximum Advisor Value.





In the new digital landscape of #finserv advisor value has shifted dramatically from sales to service. #Advisors are discovering they must control the perception of their value to thrive.





If you don’t define your value, someone else will. Become irreplaceable by controlling the perception of your value.




Tangible Alpha is Advisor Value… Realized. More to come very soon…