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What Is Advisor Alpha?

Your Brand. Your Value.




Laws of Alpha

Fundamental Truths

Introspective Diagnostics

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

If you don’t understand who you are and the value you provide, you will become a commoditized afterthought in a smartphone world. Your mission to remain relevant is synonymous with becoming an icon on the devices of your ideal audience. 

Take Your Brand To Market

Fix Your Website

The Elements of Relevance

Perpetual Growth Path

Once you design your advisor brand you become empowered to grow your relevance in perpetuity… this means working with ideal clients, getting paid what you are worth and living your preferred life.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime… the chance to do well by doing good. 

Hi, my name is Grant Barger and my purpose is to help financial professionals maximize their relevance. I created this website to help advisors design their unique brands in a free and confidential platform.

I believe that relevance is the number one issue facing advisors today.

I believe that relevance is the infinite challenge for all financial professionals.

I believe that your unique advisor brand is the foundation for your perpetual relevance.

Please feel free to take advantage of the resources I have been able to curate through the years as a second generation advisor advocate.

Everything that I have created has been designed to help financial professionals maximize their relevance.

Every advisor can benefit from the free resources I have provided on this site.

I help advisors think differently about their value.


Book a meeting with me to discover how to get and keep three new ideal clients in the next 60 days.

The Blog

Relevant Concepts

Control The Narrative

Control The Narrative

Introspection within the three foundational pillars of advisor value is a prerequisite for advisors who understand the importance of controlling the perception of their advisor alpha. 

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The New Metrics

The New Metrics

Your advisor KPI has changed and you must realize exactly how your metrics affect your business every single day. It’s your business and you must take responsibility for your own performance.

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Your Questions

Your Questions

To remain relevant in a robo world you must become known for the quality of your curiosity. Your questions must lead to your unique value.

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the advisor brand is omnipresent

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