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Micro Moments Help Advisors Stay Relevant

The order in which your activities take place on a daily basis are NON-SEQUENTIAL. This means that you are putting out fires daily and discovering more about your value every minute. You are communicating actively with a multitude of entities while demonstrating your wisdom to your audience ALWAYS. 

This does not mean that your behavior is “random” …your actions, as random as they may seem at times are all critical to the maximization of your value. 

You need to recognize the system that inherently exists within the pattern of your daily actions to assure order and survivability in this crazy robo-world. 

Infinite Advisor Alpha is the model we use to demonstrate this progression of order in a world of non-sequential activities. The incremental steps you take to demonstrate value tangibly are organized in a fashion to maximize your relevance.

The progression we have designed allows you to amplify your value while taking control over how it is perceived.

Learn more about taking control over the perception of your value in a system that has been designed to empower you to amplify your unique value 24/7 while giving you the control you need to remain relevant.


Micro-moments that are published right here at Tangible Alpha have been designed to enable you to do exactly that… make sense of the non-sequential activities in your daily regimen. 


Build On Purpose

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You Get To Decide



Who do you want to be present for?

It doesn’t matter if every utterance that comes from your blog makes sense. You can’t be all things to everyone and you aren’t going to make sense to all of your clients all of the time. What matters is this; you must be present. 
You are an influencer who must remain in the cross-hairs of your audience… you gotta be an icon on the smart device to stay relevant in this robo world. That means you don’t always have to be right or on-point for every client and or prospect 24/7… that is an impossible ask. What you need to be is present, not available, simply present to influence the decisions of your ideal audience 24/7. 
Make ’em think,  make ’em laugh,  make ’em feel why they are attracted to you and your unique solutions. Because if you don’t, someone else is going to do exactly that. Your connection begins with your shared purpose. Your behavior (which includes your omnipresence) must demonstrate your alignment of shared purpose with your clients (your ideal audience).

For whom do you want to be present? 

Your purpose dictates for whom you want to be present… or, who you want to be present for. Your behavior (which you can promise) backs the whole thing up. 
Don’t worry about being right or wrong… just be present for your audience to make them feel exactly why they trust you. Be authentic… be yourself… and stay relevant for the right audience for the right reasons. 
Your being right or wrong will be detected through the process of feedback… which is an ongoing discipline as well… I will publish information about that in more detail in the near future. You can get the picture by looking at this picture…

The Time Is Now

This is the greatest era in which to become and stay a financial advisor… you get to pick exactly the type of clients you want to work with and you get to fire the bad ones. There has never been a greater opportunity for you to take complete control over your business… this is how to do that… two minutes at a time.

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Quality Over Quantity


More leads is not the solution

The solution to your current issues as an advisor can be found from within. That’s right… every problem you are facing as a trusted steward of wealth can be solved by looking within your business first and applying the wisdom you can gain from introspection of your issues. The biggest hurdle is asking yourself the right questions. Most advisors can’t do that… most people can’t do that… so you need a resource of really great questions to challenge your conventional thinking. That’s right, you need to think differently to survive. 

The strategic design for success of the advisor in the future is centered on value. Your value must become definable detectable and desirable in the digital landscape of today’s robo world. 

Starting with the three pillars of advisor value, you will begin to comprehend more deeply the weight that your unique value will carry moving forward in the new financial services ecosystem. 
Design your value from the inside out to get and keep ideal clients. Spend your resources wisely on the activities that will increase the quality of your clientele… stop wasting time and money on clicks and leads. 
Discover how to exude your relevant value 24/7 right now. 


Advisor Survival

I don’t want to be left behind. I must expand the boundaries of my declared expertise or risk becoming irrelevant.

How am I going to do that?

The fact is, my clients come to me for more than my expertise

It begins with my shared purpose. That’s why I do so well… my common driving force empowers me to do well personally while I am doing the right thing for my clients. How can I expand my limits of expertise by shifting my purpose without losing the flock?

Still, there are more components of my value than my expertise and purpose that must shift slightly for me to remain relevant over time.

More than simply my expertise grounded by purpose, my value is authenticated by my beliefs and opinions. The reason people pay me is rooted deeply in my beliefs and opinions which are developed through my experiences in business as well as life in general.

There are other characteristics of my value that my ideal clients are seeking…

The values that I hold close to my heart… the principles that construct my moral fiber are a huge component of my business. People trust me because they share the moral standards that I have developed through my life experiences and my business experiences. When they see me, they see themselves… or at least the closest version of themselves available, qualified and dedicated to one thing and one thing alone…the stewardship of their wealth.

So I want to remain relevant in an industry that is moving at light speed (exponentially faster every day). How do I make the shift?

If I exit the boundaries of my proclaimed shared purpose too abruptly I risk the mutiny of my clients. My shift in purpose must be quantified by me through honest and poignant client feedback… and it must be done at the new speed of business.  

How do I gather the metrics that matter to me so I can remain relevant?

What questions do I need to be asking my clients?

What are the topics of conversations I should be having with potential and current clients?

What content should I be publishing to keep my clients at ease?

How can I shift my expertise, subtly, to remain relevant without scaring away my client base?  

Man… I’m asking a lot of great questions today.