Digital Noise Filter

Turning the noise into value.

Are You Building On Purpose?

The first six micro-modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha allow you to set your unique foundation for trust so you can promise your behavior and expect reciprocal actions… which means you only work with trusted partners… which means you have started to design your digital noise filter. (Discover More About Micro-Value Development)

Based on the ideal clients you want to work with, the foundational categories of your relevant value (for which they will gladly pay) are at your fingertips.

Your Filter will build the foundation and set the standards for getting and keeping ideal clients…

  • Earning trust
  • Creating meaningful touch points
  • Promising behavior
  • Making your competency, character, and concern tangible.

Do You Have A Filter?

The first six modules create the foundation for the design of your unique digital noise filter.

Module seven empowers you to use the word NO as a strategy… your filter in action.

Modules 8-12 will empower you to add to your filter by…  defining your process, creating an omnipresent user experience – UX, (which is rapidly replacing the old fashioned client experience – CX) Defining topics of meaningful engagement, designing questions that matter, and gathering feedback required to remain relevant.

Are You Where You Want To Be?

  • Never be complacent.
  • Design a simple model that people can understand.
  • Learn how to ask distinctive questions.
  • Gather feedback that matters.

“Where you want to be” is the state of perpetual relevance…a never ending journey.

The only way to get there (where you want to be) is to design your unique filter.

This is the journey that will help you design your unique filter… to remain relevant in a robo-world.

The journey to perpetual relevance is never-ending.

The journey to your infinite relevance begins with a single step…

The journey to perpetual advisor relevance begins with Purpose… and it never ends,

Enjoy your journey.