The Challenge

Relevance is the ultimate challenge for financial advisors. It always has been, and it always will be.


The challenge of advisor relevance is being met by the digital value design protocol also known as Infinite Advisor Alpha.

The protocol is a progression designed to maximize relevance by allowing your brand to function as a digital channel that maximizes and authenticates your unique advisor value through digital marketing.

The infinite design of the protocol ensures sustainable growth by repeatedly maximizing authentic relevant value. 


Relevance is an infinite challenge. 

Discover Define Design your brand. 
Deliver Remind Refine with marketing.



The Foundation. The Brand. 

Your digital brand must be tangible. The elements of your relevance (advisor alpha) must be defined by you

These 6 elements are the foundation of your infinite relevance… They design your digital brand. They require definition by you. 
They are your tangible advisor alpha. This foundation (your brand) is the catalyst for your sustainable growth. 


These are the elements of your relevance. 

1. Your purpose
2. Your principles 
3. Your beliefs 
4. Your experiences
5. Your expertise 
6. Your behavior 

Discover Define Design your brand. 



The Next Dimension. Marketing. 

The following six elements are the collaborative variables  of your infinite relevance. They create your unique digital marketing process. When implemented with the correct digital design, they are the fuel for your sustainable growth. 

7. Rules  
8. Philosophies
9. Omnipresence 
10. Topics
11. Questions 
12. Feedback 


This is how you deliver your defined, digitally designed advisor value. 

You must be able to deliver your defined desirable value in a digital format. The delivery design must be repeatable. The more simplified the delivery, the more scalable your model becomes. 

Digital marketing is your system for delivering your unique value in perpetuity. 

Deliver Remind Refine with marketing.

With the digital value design protocol, your marketing process empowers you to refine your brand. It allows you to make significant improvements to maximize your relevance. Authentic relevant value requires diligent refinement. Your sustained relevance is the ultimate advisor challenge.

Are you ready to accept this challenge head on?



It’s nobody’s business… but yours.

The responsibility of your relevance is yours. This is an obligation that never ends. 

Your digital value design protocol does three specific things to maximize your sustainable relevance

1. Qualifies prospects
2. Reminds clients 
3. Refines value 


This model is the design of ideal relationship development and it will allow you to get and keep ideal clients for as long as you follow the protocol.




The digital design of your value (your brand) is the catalyst for your sustainable relevance. The infinite digital marketing protocol enables you to authenticate and expand your value 24/7. In order to maximize your relevance, your value needs to be authenticated. You can’t compete on price… you must always be expanding your authentic value. The Value Gap



Relevance is the infinite challenge. The solution to that challenge is available… right here, right now. 


Your sustainable relevance is entirely up to you.

Stay relevant with the digital value design protocol. Make your advisor value infinite… by design.


Begin by desinging your brand, right now.