My Digital Filter














This is my filter, it belongs to me.

It is not a sales funnel.

I do not sell products in a vacuum.

I am not interested in trying to be all things to all people.

I work only with ideal like-minded people.

This is my filter.

It keeps out the time wasters, the energy suckers, and the complaining riff-raff.

I am not here to interrupt.

I am not interested in a drip marketing or lead development.

I am here to educate and inform my ideal audience.

This is my filter.

I publish my purpose, principles, and opinions.

Prospects can’t get in if they don’t qualify… Nor would they want to.

This is my filter.

I make my alpha tangible for the world to see and hear.

I do well by doing good.

I have published my experiences and expertise.

This is my filter.

I promise my behavior and in return my trusted clients promise their behavior to me.

My experiences and my expertise have helped my design my model of wisdom available for digital consumption.

This is my filter.

I have a deep understanding of how my value makes my clients feel.

I am known for the quality of my curiosity.

This is my filter.

Clients that come to me for discounts will leave me for discounts.

I never discount my value.

This is my filter.

My wisdom and my value are omnipresent 24/7 for the world to consume.

I have an accountability model that earns trust quickly.

I work with great people, I fire bad clients.

This is my filter.

To remain relevant I am in complete control the perception of my value.

My value is defined by me, and nobody else.

This truly is, nobody’s business but mine… and this is my filter.


Do you have a filter?


I need a filter to survive in a robo-world