Advisor Relevance

How the Financial Services Industry Wants to Control and Diminish the Perception of Your Advisor Value.

This has been going on for decades… the industry creates filters to get rid of the chaff and keep the wheat.

Discover how you can beat them at their own game and thrive in the digital age of financial stewardship by designing your own filters.


They think they can keep the assets without the help of advisors… It’s purely a numbers game. If you allow the institutions or your clients to define your value, you will become irrelevant very soon.



The McKinsey metrics-driven top-down numbers game that the financial services industry has been playing for years will get you fired if you let it.

Digital Noise

Don’t listen to the noise… be aware of the noise but don’t follow the antiquated concepts being perpetually thrown at you by the financial services industry.

In order to thrive in the new age of digital collaborative advice, you must be in complete control of the perception of your value… which means it’s okay to be cognizant of the aforementioned concepts, just don’t make wholesale changes based on fear.

What should you do?

Start Designing Your Own Filters

To distance yourself and your culture far from the inclusive sales culture of the financial services industry you can design your own exclusive filters that enable you to take complete control of the perception of your value.


Staying Relevant

Discover How