The Law of Exclusivity

The Law of Exclusivity


To become and remain digitally relevant I can not be all things to all people.


In order to survive in a robo-world, advisor services must become exclusive. There simply isn’t enough time to be inclusive anymore.

This law of advisor alpha has unfolded through the course of designing exclusive advisor relationship training programs. (Circa 1990 – Present Day) Tangible value design empowers financial advisors to get and keep ideal clients while efficiently managing all the moving parts of the business.

We say “exponential results from incremental steps“… An example of the exponential… the ability to use the word NO as a strategy. Your authentic relevant value is a filter unto itself which will weed out any undesirable prospects while allowing you to demand the behavior required to become and stay a trusted client.

If you are not using the word NO as a strategy in your business, then you have no strategy.