The Advisor in the Future

I am not in sales. I am a trusted steward of wealth. The cornerstone of my value is my client centered purpose. My principles and values guide the decisions I make every day. My beliefs and opinions have been published in the form of fundamental truths and genuine concerns. I am not a product of this industry. My documented experiences create meaningful touch points for my clients and prospects. I am the only one who can define my expertise… and I do. I cannot promise returns but I realize I must promise my behavior. I am grateful. I am honest. I am empathetic. I cannot be all things to all people so I have rules in place to qualify trusted partners for collaborative relationships. I have a defined philosophy behind the processes of my business. I amplify my value through multiple mediums on the World Wide Web. I am omnipresent. I have defined topics that categorically lead to my authentic relevant value. I am known for the quality of my curiosity. I am an icon on my clients’ smart phones. I never discount my services. I justify my fees with tangible value. I have designed a filter that shields me from digital noise and attracts ideal clients. I have competent conversations fueled by the courage of my conviction. I collaborate only with ideal trusted partners. I realize the importance of setting and maintaining client expectations. My value is always on 24/7 even when I am not available. I publish content that sparks meaningful engagement. I have an intimate knowledge of exactly how my clients feel about my value. I am in complete control of the perception of my value. I am never complacent about my value. My quest for relevance is a never ending journey. My advisor alpha is tangible and perpetual. I have built a unique business to survive and thrive in a robo world.
I am the advisor in the future.