Run it Backward to See the Future

To Infinity...

and Beyond

A look backward through the infinite alpha progression so you can see why it’s so critical, and how it will help you move forward in perpetuity.


Looking at your business from the same perspective can be messed up sometimes… I mean, what other perspective can you possibly have?

Taking the word of a third party to help you rethink your value is a scary proposition. No one really knows what the hell is going on with Google and your marketing analytics are changing all the time. Why should you waste another minute working on your business when you need to be working in your business? If you aren’t growing, you are dying and you have to gather net new everything everyday before the sun goes down. The real things that have to actually happen are far different than the scenarios broadcast by marketing experts and self-proclaimed gurus. To get you through the day I have designed a simple progression that helps advisors create focus, amplify their discipline and helps them design their own system for success.


I am not a guru. I did design this progression to help advisors remain relevant in a robo-world.

The Disciplines From Back To Front

You need open honest feedback from trusted partner clients to survive in a robo-world.

To gather feedback that matters you must be armed with better questions.

To design the best questions you must have targeted topics that lead to your unique value.

Your value must become available 24/7 to convey your unique topical solutions.

Before you become omnipresent your philosophy and processes must have clear definitions.

There are rules that must be designed by you that qualify who gets to experience your value.

You must promise your behavior to expect reciprocal actions by your clients.

Your expertise must be defined by you and you alone and it is indelibly tied to your promised behavior.

The experiences you have gone through must become documented to create valuable touchpoints that tie to your accountability.

Your beliefs and opinions must be documented as the genuine concern and fundamental truths that guide your process.

Your principles and values must become more than an afterthought to earn the trust requisite for valuing your opinions and beliefs.

Your client-centered purpose is the cornerstone of the foundation that allows you the opportunity to make all of the aforementioned possible.



The New Model

Advisor Relevance

The new era of financial services is upon us and the modern advisor must be able to see past legacy training concepts to visualize his or her preferred world.

The new model designed by Tangible Alpha empowers advisors to update their relevance by defining exactly why their ideal clients should do business with them. We also make available the industry’s first and only 24/7 value design platform which offers 100% confidential modules to bring out the best in each advisor in a way that is unique to him or her.

Transparency is not the enemy… it is the one thing in the digital era that can be leveraged with the most ease to help ensure your relevance. Learn more about the new way of thinking (to survive in a robo-world) here.