Why branding matters…

Without a brand marketing doesn’t matter. This is what happens when you don’t have a brand and you try to attempt Marketing
If you don’t …
No accountability .
No distinction between you and other advisors.
No way to measure performance of marketing.
If you do…
You become accountable for the behavior that you must promise.
You separate yourself from your perceived competition and you attract Ideal people to your unique services.
Do you have a starting point and you can measure the impact that your marketing campaigns are having on the development of your business.
Your brand is the digital design of your value and that is the catalyst for your sustainable growth.
In order to measure your success and quantify your value and also to qualify your relevance… You have to have an advisor Brand that is working for you across multiple mediums 24 hours a day.
Five major points about designing your advisor brand.
  1. Intentional (on purpose)
  2. Based on First Principles (values beliefs)
  3. Designed to evolve (relevance in perpetuity)
  4. Easy to relate (own the words)
  5. Part of your Alpha (increases perception of your value)
Without the right brand marketing is a waste of time and unless your brand is tangible it’s not going to be true advisor Alpha that justifies your fees.
Get started on your advisor brand with module one and then if you want to continue on the process on your own just buy the course… If you need more help schedule a brainstorm call with me and we can decide how much support you need to design your unique Advisor brand and start marketing your advisory practice on purpose.
Be you.
Publish crap.
Fix it.

3 BIG Reasons Your Alpha Needs To Be Tangible

Why You Should Make Your Advisor Alpha Tangible

What happens if you don’t…

  1. You Will Be Forgotten
  2. Reduced Confidence
  3. Time For Money Trap 
  4. Nobody Shares


  1. True North
  2. Increased Confidence
  3. Get Paid For Your Value
  4. Influence 24/7

Stop chasing leads and start getting ideal clients on-demand