Enlightened Content

Value Design for Advisors

The Path to Enlightened Content is Infinite


Your content must engage entertain and educate your audience.

So how are you going to do that while you are doing your other job as trusted wealth steward?

The content you publish is indelibly tied to your stewardship business model… you might not see it yet, but the path you choose today will either help you survive in a robo world or it will create your imminent failure. 
Either way, your business decisions are your own. 

How can you design an infinite measure of great content that is consistent with your focus?

Follow the path of design thinking… the path of Infinite Advisor Alpha… 
Your value is there and you should be too. It really is where you want to be. 
We make it simple for advisors like you to discover micro bits and pieces of value design twenty-four hours a day.
When the time is right for you, jump into a micro-module that helps to empower your existence in the new ecosystem of financial advice. 

The Milestones of Advisor Relevance

Advisor Relevance

Twelve Milestones of Advisor Relevance

In the digital age of financial services.

Defined Client-Centered Purpose

Shared purpose is the cornerstone in the foundation of trust.

Principles and Values

Giving merit to the claims of your endeavor of stewardship. 

Beliefs and Opinions

The fundamental truths and genuine concerns you have about your calling.


Your experiences in life have lead you to this momentous occasion of trusted stewardship. 


Your beliefs and opinions are why you get paid… what does this mean to your clients? 

Promised Behavior

The foundation of trust must be paved with your behavioral promises. 

Rules of Engagement

You must not become all things to all people… using the word no is one of the keys to your relevance. 

Philosophy and Process

Those who qualify for your services will experience a well defined journey of wisdom. 


Your value must become available through multiple digital mediums… even when you are not. 

Topics of Engagement

Your published touch points must always lead to your unique solutions. 

Questions that Matter

You must become known for the quality of your curiosity.


You must know precisely how your unique value makes your ideal audience feel.