12 Elements of Your Relevance

12 Disciplines of Advisor Value

12 Incremental elements of advisor value that require daily attention for the modern advisor to survive in a robo-world.

1. Purpose Client centered… your cornerstone.
2. Principles and Values… you live them daily.
3. Beliefs and Opinions you get paid for them every day.
4. Experiences are your actions that happen 24/7.
5. Your Expertise is defined in your own words… elite for the right audience… broadcast 24/7.
6. Behavior that you promise is a daily discipline that quantifies your advisor value tangibly.
7. Rules of engagement… behavioral promises that must be reciprocated by clients (daily).
8. Your Philosophy and Process are up for constant vigilant updating (daily).
9. Omnipresence is your 24/7 digital footprint that must be constantly monitored…
10. Topics… that lead to your solutions are modified and used (daily).
11. The Questions you ask, that lead to your unique solutions… (daily).
12. Feedback… the circle of life… happens 24/7 and impacts your alpha (daily).

Why are these 12 disciplines so important?

They help advisors design unique filters that separate their value from the proliferation of digital noise, compounding daily, that makes clients and prospects wonder what advisor value really is.

To survive in a robo-world, advisors must design their own unique filter to differentiate their value from perceived peers and industry generated propaganda.

Each advisor’s unique filter leads clients and prospective clients to the authentic value that is relevant to his or her ideal audience.

The 12 daily disciplines are incremental steps that produce exponential results when incorporated in the Infinite Advisor Alpha progression. 

What are Exponential Results?

To survive in a robo-world, advisors must be able to act exponentially… which means that each of these daily undertakings must be addressed regardless of the advisor’s outlook on the design of his or her business. If the steps are taken incrementally… without a system in place to garner exponential results… the advisor ends up losing ground, categorically, in all the areas of value that require attention.

In other words, the system you use to stay relevant has to be simple.

You must make your character, competency, and concern… definable, detectable, and desirable… we have a simplified system that empowers advisors to do that…  24/7.

Micro-Value Development

The progression of micro-value development we offer advisors [24/7] is as simple as it gets.

It is granular… each lesson serves as its own unit but serves as a part of a larger objective in the progression of your advisor value development.

You can learn from one end of the spectrum to the other, and piece the micro-sessions together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is the system that is required by the advisor who wishes to remain relevant in a robo-world.

And we designed it all just for you…

Enjoy the journey.