Rethinking Value Design





Advisors who are able to amplify their character competency and genuine concern, tangibly, will see exponential results in multiple dimensions of their businesses.
The steps of our value design process are broken down to 12 critical components and systematized in a progression called Infinite Advisor Alpha.
These critical components have been made available for any advisor on our digital platform in our micro-learning modules.
In less than two minutes per module… advisors can engage meaningfully within the infinite alpha progression to systematically amplify their own unique advisor value (Character, Competency, & Concern).
The model is a symbol as well as a guide for the advisor on his or her never ending journey to where they want to be.
To remain relevant, advisors understand that they can never become complacent and that they must be vigilant in developing their relevance.
Modern Advisors realize that there is no end to that goal… and the infinite alpha progression is a representation of exactly what that means to financial advisors.
The journey is the destination and it is exactly where advisors want to be… The state of perpetual relevance.