Expanding the Gap

Part 2


Part Two of Three

Once your ideal audience knows how much you care, you gotta show ’em how much you know.



In our experiences through the decades we have found that the way people learn is different… each person’s style of learning is as unique as his fingerprint. We go to great lengths to demonstrate exactly how advisors can create meaningful exponential outcomes through our multitude of micro-moments. Each time we publish content we try to tell the story a little bit differently… a little bit better.

In part two of our three part (reverse order) series on advisor value we go over the second leg of the three legged stool. (You need all three to sit at the table.)



The Value Gap

Part 2

Character Competency and Concern


Defining and Designing Your Competency


Your behavior is the guiding force behind the perception of your value. Are you competent enough for… whatever is often judged by your behavior. How do you respond in certain situations? How do you proactively prepare for others? 

Your behavior is the single most important factor in controlling the perception of your relevance. And it is for that reason that you must promise it. The single most important aspect of trust and integrity is your accountability. Will you do the things you say you will do to make good on your purpose? 

To survive in a robo world you must promise your behavior and you must be able to walk the talk.

In order for you to promise your behavior you must have a system in place to design what you can promise to the world. But before you can design your unique system of promise delivery you must define the terms that justify your promises. The terms of your value must be defined… they will be defined. And if you are not the one defining your value, someone else will gladly do it for you. Your firm, your competitors, and your clients will be the ones who define your value. You can’t afford that. 

Your relevance is controlled by the one who defines your value… It needs to be you. You must define your value or you risk everything. 



End of Part Two