Justify Your Fees





Alignment of Fees with Purpose


For advisors to survive in a robo-world they must be granted the autonomy to build their own unique compensation structure that demonstrates tangibly, their alignment with the success of the investor-client.

It won’t happen from the top-down… the hierarchical model that separates shareholder-value from stakeholder well-being is deeply ingrained into the landscape of financial services… for a long time to come.

So advisors must become empowered to set their fees at a level commensurate to the quality of their services… to do that, they must define their unique value for digital delivery, consumption, and refinement… in other words, their advisor value must become tangible for the justification of their client-centered fee structure.

Introspection and self-value discovery are required to justify the fee structure of the advisor in the future of financial services.

The ability to design this self-aware model must become available for easy access 24/7. (That’s what we have done… FYI)

Advisors who were trained to sell, and have no experience with service driven incentives, will struggle with the concept of this new compensation ideology. Transparency will illuminate the path for the advisor in the future… so he or she can see exactly what must take place to structure his or her unique compensation package… to be in complete alignment with the good of the client.

The micro-learning modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha can help you shine a spotlight on your value… to justify your fee structure… so you can survive and thrive in a robo-world.