Future Advisor

What Will It Take?

The Advisor in the Future will create demand for her/his services in the digital age of transparency by crafting a strategic foundation that showcases the relevance of her/his value. Remaining relevant has been the number one challenge for the entrepreneurial financial Advisor during the past three decades and will continue to be a genuine concern for the Advisor in the Future.

Setting and maintaining client expectations while creating the measurement of value over which the Advisor has the greatest control is of paramount importance. To fall into the trap of being measured by industry standards is a real danger for “the Advisor in the Future” and s/he will take special care to not fall prey to the status quo industry pitfalls that lie in waiting for all Advisors.

Build On Purpose

The strategic foundation of the Advisor in the future will be built with a cornerstone that is a client-centered purpose. This will work to the advantage of the client as well as the entrepreneurial Advisor moving forward in the digital age of transparency. The Advisor in the future will survive and thrive by creating a business that empowers her/him to do well by doing good…

In order to simply survive, the Advisor in the future will have to demonstrate in a tangible fashion that they have the best interests of their clients at stake ahead of their own… (this goes beyond fiduciary) or the Advisor will be replaced.


In order to thrive, the Advisor in the future must have a system in place that is a progression which leverages their client-centered purpose within their business development model. Tangible Alpha is the model that empowers Advisors with that highly coveted progression.

In the digital age of transparency the Advisor in the future acknowledges that they are replaceable until they can prove in a tangible fashion that they are not.

Serious Advisors also realize that if they continue to measure themselves by the industry standards that have been handed down for decades that they will become  dinosaurs… Recognizing the opportunity disguised as a threat is critical when taking advantage of transparency by delivering a consistent message of authentic relevant value throughout multiple (but not all) digital mediums.

Promise What You Can Control

The Advisor in the Future will zealously demonstrate their expected behavior (what clients and prospects should expect from them)  which amplifies exactly what their client-centered purpose is… throughout multiple mediums. The promise of expected behavior will become the contract that forms a bond of trust for the serious Advisor and the serious investor. That bond will be quantified tangibly throughout multiple mediums in a 24 hour a day society in which expectations can be set and maintained rather than exceeded in quarterly meetings.

To step into the next dimension of business development that will make you relevant and irreplaceable the strategic foundation of Tangible Alpha has been constructed to not only create your digital voice but to create a proactive filter which aligns your solutions with ideal prospects (while constantly reminding your clients of your value). Your Tangible Alpha foundation and progression create a platform to exude your authentic relevant value while filtering in ideal trusted partners.

It is critical to make tangible… not what the client and prospect want to hear… but what you can deliver and promise (your behavior, not returns).

Learn about yourself before you try to implement any digital solutions… not doing so could be a costly mistake.


Introspection is the key to successful technology integration. 

The life of the Advisor in the future must be simplified by technology and not over complicated by too much information.  The Advisor in the Future will take advantage of different modern tools made available throughout the industry by first going through the Infinite Alpha Progression to discover and design her/his unique Tangible Advisor Alpha.

Keep It Tangible,


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