Earning Trust in a Robo-World

In the Future…

How will financial advisors get and keep ideal clients?

This is a walk-through for the first six micro-learning modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha

  1. Purpose  You must lead with a client centered purpose to remain relevant in the digital age.
  2. Principles  Your principles must be documented to create tangible accountability in a robo-world.
  3. Opinions  You must distinguish your authority as a trusted source of wisdom.
  4. Experiences  Creating tangible touch-points, that your clients and ideal prospects can associate with, is imperative for your survival.
  5. Expertise  Your expertise must be defined by you… in words that your ideal audience can understand and appreciate.
  6. Behavior  You can’t promise returns… you must promise your behavior to survive in a robo-world.


Building a solid foundation of trust is a two-way street in the digital era of financial services. Not only must you convey your wisdom and integrity 24/7… but your digital marketing campaigns must be relied upon to filter in ideal trusted, like-minded prospects… while simultaneously reminding your current clientele of your unique authentic value… 24/7.

If you are a returning advisor, this should encourage you to keep moving down the right path…

If you haven’t taken the plunge, please feel free to dip a toe into our pool of wisdom. Our sole purpose is to help good people get better… every day.

Enjoy the journey,