Growing Your Value

The Value Of Advisors

The Statement

Your character competency and concern must become definable detectable and desirable to survive in a robo world.

What does this mean?

  1. If you let someone else define your value they will dictate the worth of that value.
  2. Your value must be always on… detectable from any device 24/7.
  3. You must elicit a feeling from your audience to qualify them as a trusted partner. You  have to know how your value makes your clients feel and you have to make prospects feel uncomfortable to get them to think about becoming a client. 



Your Value Must Be Tangible

  • If you are to survive in a robo world, you must make the intangibles of your advisor value tangible.
  • Not taking complete control over how your value is perceived is tantamount to throwing in the towel. 
  • Your tangible advisor alpha can only be truly realized through introspection and continual honest feedback. 

The Best Way 

The only way to make sure your advisor value becomes tangible in the digital age of financial services is to become self-aware within the spectrum of disciplines made available right here at

Always Confidential.

Always On.

Always Free. 


Build On Purpose (1/3)

Building On Purpose

Part One of Three

Three Simple Reasons Why Building On Purpose Is Critical

  1. It Empowers you to earn trust quickly in a digital world.
  2. It allows you to highlight the value you control the most. (Perception)
  3. It sets the standard for behavior in collaborative relationships.

What does it mean to “Build on Purpose?”

When your client-centered purpose has been defined by you, it empowers you to earn trust quickly in a digital world. This tangible demonstration of your shared interests with your ideal audience is the cornerstone of your unique foundation of trust. The words you choose to define your purpose must carry the weight of the seriousness of your calling… in other words, your purpose can’t be a catchphrase.

When you are able to align your purpose with your principles and values, you are beginning to demonstrate your integrity in a tangible format.

This is my purpose… these are the principles that have helped me form my unique purpose… these are the values that I hold dear… they are connections that must be published by you to demonstrate connecting points with the behavior that will be promised by you and your clients.


Your beliefs and opinions must be demonstrable as well. After all, they are why you get paid in the first place. If you aren’t forming beliefs and opinions about this industry and the value you provide to your clients, you aren’t really in the business of financial advice.


These are my beliefs… I state them as being fundamentally true because that’s how strong my conviction is around the decisions I make daily. My opinions are published in the form of genuine concerns that I have for my clients. 

Your purpose principles and beliefs must be in complete alignment and you must be able to prove that alignment tangibly to survive in a robo world.

Beware of The Reverse-Churn

Advisor Beware




Advisors must be able to justify their value to charge fees in a robo world.

In the digital age of transparency, financial advisors can’t afford to have their reputations sullied by insinuations or accusations (or litigation) tying them to the unseemly act of reverse-churning accounts of unwitting clients.

If your not sure what reverse-churning is…

The process of the value that the advisor brings to the lives of his or her clients must be made tangible for digital delivery, consumption, refinement, and verification.

To validate the fees advisors must begin to charge, in lieu of commissions, deep introspection of unique advisor value is requisite for survival in these changing times of financial services.

The best way for advisors to grasp this concept is by beginning to structure their businesses from a perspective of purpose. They must acknowledge a shared-purpose with their ideal audience to convey precisely why anyone should trust them with their wealth.

Once the cornerstone of a client-centered purpose is defined, a purpose-driven business model is the best way for any advisor to survive and thrive in this modern robo-world.

To avoid the heartache of the reverse-churn, start building your business on purpose.

Tap or click the image below to go to the purpose-driven branding modules of Tangible Alpha created by Grant Barger.


Part 1 of 3 Expanding The Gap

Expanding the Gap

Part 1


Part One of Three

To remain relevant, advisors in the robo era must be able to distinguish themselves from perceived competition.

A few decades ago we came up with a concept that helped us coach advisors about their value in a way that they could grasp easily. We call it The Value Gap and it creates a visual picture of what the advisor must do to exude his or her value tangibly in order to demonstrate authentic relevance. 

The Value Gap 

Part 1

Character Competency and Concern



Advisor character can be attributed to several aspects of his or her life. Some say it is how you act when nobody is looking. Others might say that your character is your identity. 

In order for you to build your business on purpose, you must see your character from the perspective of others. In order to gather that confidential insight you must have a system in place to collaborate openly and honestly. We call this system Infinite Alpha and the cornerstone of the whole deal is your client-centered purpose.

What does this have to do with your value? 

Similar to The Value Gap model seen in the slides on this post, the model of your character can be seen in another slide that shows you and your clients exactly how you intend to demonstrate your character tangibly. 


Your Character plays a quintessential role in your profession as a trusted steward of wealth. The elements that make up your unique character are so powerful and meaningful that they require your attention daily. This is  why the elements of your character require definition by you… through introspection found here… at Tangible Alpha. 

You must define it in order to design it.

The model that we have created just for you… Infinite Advisor Alpha… empowers you to define you Character for digital design so it can be delivered by you and consumed 24/7 by your ideal audience. 

That is really important… 


End of Part One