Publish Your Purpose


The content you publish must lead to the significant value that you can control… Nobody needs another market update.

You must be the reason your clients do business with you… not your firm… not your products… it must be you. In the age of digital transparency, your value must become tangible for digital consumption 24/7… and the content you publish should shine a spotlight on the value most significant to your ideal audience that you can control the most. If you do not follow the new protocol for digital relevance,  you will be washed away in the sea of sameness that has been mass produced by the financial services industry.

If you are not sitting at a desk surrounded by a culture that empowers you with the autonomy to publish your purpose, you should move to a firm that embraces the concept.

If you don’t,  you will become commoditized just like all the other products offered by your firm and this industry.

Now is the time for the modern Advisor to become empowered… to publish his or her purpose so they may remain relevant in the digital age of financial services.

Are you publishing your purpose?