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The key to your relevance in a robo-world is the design of your value.

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It is critical for you to maximize your relevance without wasting time. The micro-moments of Tangible Alpha empower you to amplify your unique value for digital consumption two minutes at a time. 



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A free platform of micro-value-design that helps advisors maximize their relevance in a robo-world.

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24/7 Feedback in a Robo-World

Feedback is Happening 24/7 Your Metrics In a digital omnichannel world, feedback is happening 24/7 with likes, comments, DM's, social shares, etc... It feels like there is a new way to give and receive digital feedback every day.  In order to...

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Get and Keep Ideal Clients

In the Future... How will financial advisors get and keep ideal clients? This is a walk-through for the first six micro-learning modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha Purpose  You must lead with a client centered purpose to remain...

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