There has never been a greater opportunity in the history of financial services to do well by doing good. It’s time to think differently about financial services  It’s time to influence with integrity.


Thank goodness sales has evolved… Because of digital transparency we can demonstrate tangibly that we can sell with integrity we can influence our audience with a benevolent purpose… In essence we can live our preferred lives by helping our ideal audience live theirs.

The sales funnel may look the same but it functions in a completely different light… once you discover how to create Tangible a Advisor Alpha.

The pivot…

The legacy sales funnel turns into a filter that gets rid of non-ideal individuals and attracts your ideal audience 24 hours a day. It may seem cheesy, but it’s true… you can’t sell the sizzle anymore. You have to demonstrate your value and create collaborative partnerships to thrive in the modern era of financial services. 




The old influencer sales marketing model does not take the modern Advisor where he or she wants to be. It doesn’t work because the bottom line is still just sales… we know that it doesn’t work in an industry that is no longer driven by product sales.


We’re no longer living in the sales era of ABC (always be closing) rather, we’re living in a world where collaboration is king.

We should be thinking of collaborating at every given moment.

Mutually beneficial outcomes are the only way to sustain an impeccable reputation in the financial services industry.

A spotless reputation is what is required for you to get and keep ideal clients from this day forward.


So what are sales people supposed to do?

It’s true that nothing is more important than sales… Nobody eats until something gets sold.

But the way we sell has officially evolved and unless you evolve into the modern era of sales you will be left behind.

There is a way to evolve faster than your competition… yes, there absolutely is a way…




We can and should demonstrate our integrity with our brands… 24/7.


The financial services industry has evolved into an ecosystem that is no longer driven by product sales. This is now a relationship business. It has been all along, but the product side is now officially off the table… you can’t survive in this business selling product. The machines can do that better than you (Just Google artificial intelligence in financial services). 

Two things are more evident than ever in this era…

Advisors must become empowered to influence with integrity to remain relevant.

If you don’t stay relevant you are on your way out.


Which way are you headed?




I can get and keep ideal clients by demonstrating my integrity tangibly with my digital brand.