I must categorically define the topics of my unique value for meaningful digital engagement to occur by design.

Watch – Topics of my value… Set the tone for the digital conversations about your unique value. 


The Topics of Your Alpha

The topics of the conversations you have, the content you publish, and the collaborative solutions you provide must become categorically highlighted for digital consumption.

Framing the Engagement

You must frame the engagement throughout multiple mediums…with your words. The user experience is 24/7 and the framing of the engagement allows you to control the perception of your value in multiple ways.

-Filter in prospects
-Remind and Re-educate Clients
-Gather feedback for refinement

Categorize the Advisor Alpha you can control the most that also holds the most significance in the lives of your ideal audience.



I have categorically defined my value for content creation.

The conversations I have lead to my solutions.

I have defined my ideal audience and I can communicate with them 24/7.

My digital reputation aligns perfectly with my in-office experience.

I really do believe that I can’t be all things to all people.


Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for greater introspection.

Discover, define, or update my Topics of Advisor Alpha.

Design contact points that connect my digital audience to my solutions.

Frame the foundation of meaningful engagement throughout the spectrum of communication.

Create a better filter for my ideal audience to discover more about my solutions.




Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

This is more than wise observations about some fundamental truths… these slides and micro-lessons show you how to get precisely where you need to be in the era of digital transparency.