To get and keep ideal clients you must set and maintain expectations… this includes the expectations you have of your clients.

Watch – The rules of engagement… collaborative guidelines for relevant advisors.


Trusted Partners in a Collaborative Ecosystem

Formalizing Your Client Qualification Process

You have just designed your foundation for Infinite Advisor Alpha… The reason for the foundation is to earn trust in a digital world and to become empowered to build your unique business by design. You realize that you can’t be all things to all people. Now is the time to design your filter for qualification to enter into your circle of trust.

The expectations that you set must be reciprocated by your clients in the form of a collaborative contract that guarantees their buy in and their behavior. It is absolutely critical that the behavior of your clients is pronounced as a main ingredient for your collaborative success.

Mutually beneficial outcomes justify your fees and your relevance in the lives of your ideal audience. This two-way street requires some rules set forth by you to ensure that you can continue to control the perception of your value while refining the alpha in your business that you control the most.

Your rules create demand for your services in an ecosystem stuck in the marketing parameters of inclusiveness. Your rules allow you to become exclusive. This is exactly what you need to thrive in the era of the over-empowered client. If you are not able to set the rules for doing business with you, your audience will see little value, and you will become replaceable. It’s time for you to set the rules of engagement for access to your unique authentic value.


I have a deep understanding about being exclusive and how important that concept is to my relevance.

My clients understand respect and adhere to the collaborative contract I have designed for my services.

I know that open honest feedback is crucial for the refinement of my business.

I believe that controlling the perception of my value is contingent upon the behavior of my clients.

I feel that the age of digital transparency offers a unique opportunity for me to thrive with trusted collaborative clients.

The behavior I promise is the key factor in creating trusted partnerships because the behavior that I can expect from my clients is a reciprocal response to my promises.

I have published rules for engagement for vendors to acknowledge before we speak.

Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Definitions of expectations for all trusted partners.

Documented behavioral expectations for clients to create a more seamless digital experience.

Deeper understanding of the Infinite Alpha progression.

Peace of mind regarding the system that is guiding your decisions.

Enhanced awareness of my authentic relevant value.





Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

Because you promise your behavior you can have reciprocal collaborative expectations… your clients must promise their behavior as well. You are not hunting for customers, you are filtering in ideal trusted partners.

If you can’t trust your clients to behave accordingly, you can’t control the significance of your value.

This is how collaboration works in the digital era of wealth management.