In the age of the overstimulated consumer, you must become known for the quality of your curiosity.

Watch – Questions that matter… Become known for the quality of your curiosity.


The Right Questions

In order to get the right answers, you must be asking the right questions. The right answer to the wrong question is always wrong. You must become known for the quality of your questions when it comes to controlling exactly how your value is perceived. Your questions lead to your solutions, they enable you to create content that matters, they empower you to gather concise feedback from clients, and your questions establish you as a trusted source of wisdom to your ideal audience. You get the idea? Your questions are of critical importance when establishing your relevance and your authenticity. These are the words you must own… the words to every question you ask.

Categorize the Advisor Alpha you can control the most that also holds the most significance in the lives of your ideal audience.



The questions I ask lead to the value I control the most.

I am known for asking great questions.

I am known for being a great listener.

I collect feedback on a consistent basis with quality questions about my value.

I spend more time listening than talking.


Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for greater introspection.

Design unique distinctive questions the pertain to my unique value.

Categorically link my questions with the topics of engagement.

Comprehend the importance of the quality of your questions.

Visualize the touchpoint of engagement that my questions are designed to create.

(Infographic on questions topics touchpoints and feedback)





Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

This is more than wise observations about some fundamental truths… these slides and micro-lessons show you how to get precisely where you need to be in the era of digital transparency.