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Personal Brand Assessment

Personal Brand Assessment



Design Your Unique Advisor Brand On Purpose


“Given everything that I know today, what is the best definition of my client-centered purpose?”

Your purpose is the is the cornerstone in the foundation of trust.

The first step in your perpetual relevance is defining your purpose.


Why are you in this business?

Ownership of the perception of your value begins with a client-centered purpose.

This is a simplified statement about the most significant aspect of your business.

This isn’t a mission statement, or a value proposition, and it’s definitely not your elevator pitch.

Your client-centered purpose is – the reason you get up in the morning… it is the reason you got into this business in the first place.

Your client-centered purpose is a declaration of your stewardship to each and everyone of your clients.

You might think of this statement as being – the rudder that steers your ship.

This is your starting point on your unique journey through your Infinite Alpha progression, and it is the cornerstone of your strategic foundation.

Take a moment, clear your mind, and put into words your unique client-centered purpose.

Upon completion of this micro module, given everything that your know today, your statement of purpose will be defined by you and ready to publish for the world to see and hear.

It is important to note that authorship of your purpose denotes the beginning of complete control over – the perception of your value and your official entry into the Infinite Advisor Alpha Loop.


Earn Trust / Take Control

Define your client-centered purpose to build trust in the era of free information.

In an era where information is free, investors are in dire need of a trusted source of wisdom. Your foundation of trust is built with a cornerstone of shared purpose.

Your ideal audience is waiting for you, they need you, it’s up to you to become their trusted source of wisdom. It all begins here, with your client-centered purpose.

Define your shared purpose to gain complete control over the perception of your authentic relevant value.

Your unique client-centered purpose is a shared purpose-beyond-profit and must be written in your words to guide you through your unique journey toward gaining absolute control over the perception of your value.


I must document, in my own words, my purpose for being a financial advisor.

My purpose is not self serving, it exudes my existence beyond profit.

All of my trusted partners should define their client-centered purpose as well.

The culture of integrity I create is formed from my purpose.

I believe that my client-centered purpose is the foundational cornerstone that empowers me to have complete control over the perception of my value.


Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Craft your own purpose statement to get started on your unique journey.

Update your statement of purpose…generally after attaining feedback from clients.

Use this module as a starting point and a reminder for future modules.

Start building your business “on purpose.”


Whether this is your first time through the micro value development modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha or the fifteenth time, the exercises have been designed to get you where you want to be… a state of sustainable relevance.

The question you should be asking yourself before you move on to the next module is this… Does my client centered purpose create the cornerstone for the strategic foundation of my value development? In other words, given what I know today, is the definition of my client centered purpose the catalyst that gets me to the place where I really want to be?

As you continue through the progression, you will become empowered to enhance the definitions of your unique advisor alpha… always feel as though you can make refinements to your purpose at any given time. 24/7. After defining your client centered purpose, move on to the next micro module… Principles and Values.

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