Your principles and values connect your purpose to the behavior you must promise.


Given what I know today, are my defined principles and values guiding my business to where I want to be?

Gaining complete control of the perception of your value requires authenticity.

Your previous claim of having a client-centered purpose requires support, you need to be able to walk the talk.

So we have to create a tangible connection between your purpose and your expected behavior. Otherwise, you don’t have a purpose, you have a catchphrase.

Your unique values and principles are two connectors between your purpose and the behavior you must promise. Which means, your foundational principles and values must be defined by you. Just as all of the elements of your Infinite Alpha must be defined by you… not Webster.

Also, we need these definitions of your alpha documented now, for greater impact in the learning modules that follow.

There is no need to get hung up on this learning session… pick a word, write your definition and move on. There will be time for wordsmithing later.

Document your foundational values and principles and advance to the next learning module.

Always remember that you must own these words to take complete control over how your significant value is perceived.


Your Values and Principles must be defined and documented by you.

Connecting the dots between your shared purpose and your promised behavior requires some very specific exercises to design content for digital delivery. You also must be able to frame conversations that point to your unique value.

Your values and principles go beyond the industry standard “core company values” and delve into the framework of your own personal manifesto.

In the digital age of transparency you must create a tangible connection with your existing clients as well as ideal prospects. The design of digital trust is now drawn across multiple mediums and your principles and value help to guide your ideal audience through the digital noise and into your den of digital trust.


I have a designed process to get and keep ideal clients.

My principles have been documented and I share them with clients and prospects.

My clients appreciate the details of the things I value most in my life.

I have defined my very own set of core values with my own words.

I must be able to earn trust digitally.

It is critical to publish my principles and values for my clients and prospects to see and hear.


Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Define and document my personal principles.

Discover new ways to describe and share my values.

Align my purpose with a tangible trail to my behavior.

Create multiple connecting points to earn digital trust.

Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.