Your words must convey the significance of your value, for ideal clients to understand and desire your solutions.

Watch – Define Your Wealth Management Philosophy.


Your Philosophy & Process

It’s Nobody’s Business… But Yours

After you design your strategic Infinite Alpha foundation to earn trust, you will have designed a filter to qualify ideal investors to see and feel your unique value, you must put into your own words; what your wealth management and investing philosophy consists of.

Your unique process is designed for several reasons… to filter in ideal prospects, to keep ideal clients, to get rid of non-essential noise (including bad clients), to gather feedback relevant to your Infinite Alpha… to control the perception of your value you must define these moving parts in your own words… you can’t cut and paste someone else’s words and you can’t just fake it.

This is where the rubber meets the road, it’s nobody’s business but yours and you have to take responsibility for your business to remain relevant.



I have a documented process that guides my behavior and the behavior of my clients.

My philosophy about wealth management has been defined by me and published only for a select audience.

Chances are, I have some clients that shouldn’t be my clients.

My opinions are why I get paid.

Documenting my process and philosophy is a critical part of the overall success of my business and the success of my clients.

Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for building greater introspection.

Define and document my philosophy as it pertains to multiple facets of wealth management.

Define and document my wealth management and investment process.

Create tangible touchpoints to get and keep ideal clients.

Develop an elite distinction between myself and my competitors.

Design my personal road map for success.




Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

Documentation of your investing philosophy and your wealth management process is requisite for controlling how your significant value is perceived by your ideal clients.