Your beliefs and opinions must become tangible for digital consumption… in the form of fundamental truths and genuine concerns.


The beliefs and opinions referred to in this foundational module are in regard to the perception you have about your business and the financial services industry.

We are looking at this facet of your value design from a perspective framed by your fundamental truths and your genuine concerns.

Your opinions and beliefs are incredibly important, they are so important, that you get paid for sharing them. These foundational exercises are the gateway to connecting your unique valued opinions and beliefs to your unique solutions.

Documentation of your foundational opinions and beliefs in the form of fundamental truths and genuine concerns is a stepping stone in your Infinite Alpha progression that will pay enormous dividends to you and your clients for the rest of your career. Check out the examples and follow the directives provided to document your foundational beliefs and opinions.




Establishing Authenticity and Relevance

Your beliefs and opinions must be published for digital consumption to establish your authentic relevant value for digitally empowered consumers. When we talk about making your advisor alpha tangible, this is the essence of that concept.

You can not control the perception of your value without unique definitions of your alpha.

These definitions are derived from your unique opinions and beliefs about this industry and how your perspective is valued by your ideal audience.

You simply can not move forward in the digital age without publishing your beliefs and opinions. Making these concepts tangible creates efficiencies of scale by leading your audience to your solutions through exclusive qualification rather than inclusive sales jargon.


My beliefs and opinions are published for the world to see and hear 24/7.

I believe that my ideal audience respects and values my opinions.

By not making my beliefs tangible it is nearly impossible to establish value for my behavior.

I am consistently refining my trusted partnerships with the quality of my published genuine concerns.


Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Define and document my personal beliefs and opinions.

Discover how my opinions establish my relevance.

Create tangible points of relevance between my promised behavior an my client-centered purpose.

Set the parameters for trusted relationships…establish who is qualified to receive my unique platform of products and services.

Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.