My clients are going to be engaging with someone about my value, it might as well be me.

Watch – Gathering Feedback.. How to stay relevant in perpetuity. 


Feedback That Fuels Your Existence

Introspection of value paired with explicit feedback from trusted collaborators… this is the path to infinite value… infinite alpha.

Looking inward with introspection and looking outward through feedback is the true path to authentic relevant value maximization through the filter of perception and granting complete control of that perception to the advisor who looks both inward and outward for perspectives on his or her value.

The feedback, open and honest, sheds a light on advisor blind spots which if left unchecked can lead to disastrous outcomes for both advisors and their clients.



I have a system in place to gather open honest feedback from my clients.

The value I provide must be updated to fit the needs of my ideal audience.

As the years go by, the needs of my clients will change.

I can’t run my business with industry data.

My collaborative contract stipulates that open honest feedback is a requirement to do business with me.

I am good at listening to my clients through multiple mediums.

At any given moment, my clients will be talking to someone about my value, I need to get in on that conversation.


Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for greater introspection.

Comprehend the massive significance of gathering client feedback.

Categorically organize the topics of my value in which feedback must be gathered.

Design the questions that are most likely to elicit honest responses on the most relevant issues.

Discover how well I am doing and how important my value is to my clients.

Create a filter to continue the progression of infinite alpha indefinitely.

Gain substantial control over how my value is perceived.

Acknowledging that the filter I am creating will help me refine the value over which I control the most which also bears the most significance to the lives of my ideal audience.

Begin the process of refining my Infinite Alpha with client input I gather, from the distinctive questions I ask, about the categories of my value I control the most, which have been defined by me, that hold the most significance in the lives of my ideal audience.




Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

Always remember… Your unique Advisor value is infinite and it is the value that makes you unique that makes you an elite Advisor to your ideal audience.