What makes you unique can make you elite to your ideal audience.


What is it, you would say, you do?

To gain greater control over the perception of your value, your wisdom must become tangible.

Your wisdom, which is comprised of your experiences, your values, and your opinions must be published in the form of your expertise.

At this time it is important to mention, all of the foundational micro modules have been placed in a progression by design.

This module is no different.

Completion of this module will enhance and accelerate your unique input required in the future modules.

You can think of your knowledge and skills in this exercise as being the features and benefits.

The list included is extensive, but not exhaustive… don’t let the list of examples limit your description of your relevance.

Follow the directions to design your foundation of expertise.

Remember that authorship of these term gives you greater control over the perception of your value which you must have to remain relevant.

You must own the words to create infinite advisor alpha.



How Do You Describe What You Do?

Making your wisdom tangible for digital consumption requires some thought.

You must be able to articulate in your own words; what you do, in a way that your ideal audience understands and appreciates.

The words you use to describe your value must become tangible for digital consumption.

Your tangible wisdom must become efficiently and seamlessly distributed across multiple mediums for both clients and prospects to experience.

This isn’t about crafting content for a call to action that gets the most clicks.

This micro lesson has been designed to guide you through the necessary steps toward gaining greater control over how your wisdom is perceived.  

Your knowledge and skills help define your wisdom in the form of features and benefits. Your wisdom is a representation of the unique platform you provide to qualified clients.

Your platform of products and services must become tangible in the era of the digital consumer.

Your audience must be able to identify with, consume, and help you refine your platform of wisdom 24/7.

Your ideal audience must understand -You can’t be all things to all people.

This module helps you build a filter for developing ideal relationships by design.

Your unique wisdom is what makes your platform of products and services elite to your ideal audience.

Your expertise shines a spotlight on the problems you solve and the way you help your clients achieve their goals. Staying as far away from industry jargon and catchphrases as you can, you must describe in your own words, what it is that you do.



I have packaged my wisdom for omnichannel distribution.

My clients can describe what I do to the people they care about the most.

I have a system for refining the definitions of my authentic value.

I feel it is critical to have the features and benefits of my business easily understood.

If I don’t define my value I will become commoditized.

Intended Outcomes

Self- Evaluation continues to benefit my process.

I will define my skills and knowledge in the forms of features and benefits.

The conversations I have about my value will revolve around the advisor alpha I control the most.

The connecting points that create my digital integrity will expand exponentially.

I will define my value before someone else does and so no one else can.




Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.