My experiences have led me to where I am today and I must share them to find meaningful, collaborative, trusted, relationships. 


How did you get where you are today?

Ownership of the perception of your value requires validation of how you got here.

This is a foundational exercise in the authentication of you.

Your life experiences have helped to shape who you are… your career experiences have assisted you in becoming a trusted source of wisdom.

Exactly how have your life and career experiences impacted the way you deliver wise counsel?

These words are not for the world to see or hear… not yet. But your experiences are not doing you any good as memories.

Your claims of purpose principles values beliefs and opinions will all become authorized when you strategically publish your experiences.

Follow the directives on the forms provided to move to the next dimension of the Infinite Alpha progression.

Remember, authorship is ownership, you must own the words to control the perception of your value.





Make The Connection

What Makes You Unique, Makes You Elite

By documenting your life’s experiences you will be creating tangible connecting touch points that your ideal audience can identify with. The digital representation of your life is also designed to reduce the impostor syndrome effect… creating conversation points of mutual interests that naturally render peace of mind and trust.

You should never try to be anything that you are not, there is no faking when it comes to earning the trust required to become a steward of another person’s wealth. If you haven’t already, you will discover – what makes you unique is what makes you elite to your ideal audience. Earning trust through authenticity requires a tangible, digital, published form of your experiences.





I have documented my experiences for clients and prospects to see and hear.

I believe my experiences make me unique.

When prospects contact me they already know my history.

I am completely comfortable with who I am.

I work only with ideal like-minded people.

I believe my story must be understood for my value to remain relevant.


Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Define and document my personal experiences.

Create tangible touch-points for omnipresent engagement.

Align my purpose with a tangible trail to my promised behavior.

Publish my story to gain more control over the perception of my value.


Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.