If you don’t promise your behavior to your clients in the digital age of financial services, you can kiss your assets goodbye.


You will never be able to completely control the perception of your value unless you master the art of setting and maintaining expectations.

Your accountability and integrity are dependent on your behavior being in complete alignment with your purpose, principles, values, beliefs, and opinions. (Expertise and experience add touch-points to the model)

To round out your strategic Infinite Alpha foundation, you must put into your own words, the behavior you can promise to your prospects and clients.

Establishing the expectations for your behavior gives you a license to set the standard of excellence for all collaborative interaction required to do business with you.

You promise your behavior and your trusted partners must promise theirs in return.

This is the new client contract in the age of collaborative consulting.

Answer the questions in the workbook to round out your strategic foundation in the Infinite Alpha progression.



Set and Maintain Expectations

Your Behavior Must Be Promised in the Digital Age

The concept of giving 110% or over exceeding expectations 100% of the time is antiquated and doesn’t read particularly well in the age of digital transparency. In other words, it makes you look phony, fake, or even worse… just like everyone else.

Setting and maintaining expectations, however, is a different concept that requires a different skill set… far from the status quo, company slogan touting, salesman of yesteryear.

To get and keep ideal clients in the new era of collaborative financial services, you must be able to set and maintain expectations. This is no longer an option for the advisor, it is requisite for survival.


I have designed a list of behaviors that my clients can expect from me.

I think that setting expectations is the key to keeping clients happy.

My clients understand what they should be expecting from me in the form of my promises.

I know that it is impossible to under-promise and over-deliver in the age of digital transparency.

I feel it is important to set the standard of behavior to create trusted partnerships.

I must be able to gather feedback to refine my business.

Intended Outcomes

Self-evaluation for better introspection.

Discover and define the behavior my clients should expect from me.

Set the standard of collaborative expectations by documenting my promised behavior.

Complete the strategic foundation of Infinite Alpha which empowers me to earn trust 24/7.

Become self-aware about my authentic value.




Examples. Slides. Extra Materials.

Promising your behavior sets the standard for reciprocal collaborative expectations… your clients must promise theirs as well. You are not hunting for customers, you are filtering in ideal trusted partners.