of simplified value design
The Formula for Advisor Success

The Purpose Driven Advisor begins with laser like focus. You can’t be all things to all people.

The system you use to accomplish your goals is critical… you can’t afford to mistake tactical concepts for strategic solutions.

The discipline involved for success to take place by design must work harmoniously with the focus  and the system or you will encounter setbacks and frustration.

The Pillars of Advisor Value

Advisor Alpha has been defined as the value an advisor brings to the lives of his or her clients that goes above and beyond the minimal industry mandated requirements. The Alpha you bring to you clients lives is comprised of the elements of the business over which you can control the most.

Portfolio alpha is part of your Advisor Alpha but not to be confused with your authentic relevant value.

The key to becoming irreplaceable in the digital age of transparency is owning the perception of your value. If you allow your Alpha to be measured by the industry, your firm, any vendor, or your clients you become replaceable by default. You are in complete control of the perception of your value when you own the words that define your Advisor Alpha. In order to take complete advantage of the ownership you must make your Advisor Alpha Tangible.

Advisor Alpha is comprised of your Character, your Competency and your Commitment to Care at the fundamental level (simplified) of advisor value. Your Alpha will become tangible once you go through the taxonomy of intelligent value design. This design has been crafted specifically for you to deliver your authentic relevant value to ideal like-minded clients and prospects.

To remain relevant and become irreplaceable you must always expand the value you own in “The Value Gap.” In order to expand your “Value Gap”  by design in the digital age of transparency (right now) you must make your Advisor Alpha Tangible.

The Foundation of Advisor Alpha

There are 6 critical components of advisor alpha that form the foundation of authentic advisor value. These elements work harmoniously in sequence to dynamically improve the design of value offered by These foundational components require definition by you in order for you to own the perception of your value.

The Progression of Tangible Advisor Alpha

There are 6 critical components in the Progression of Tangible Alpha that empower you to build your business on purpose in perpetuity. These 6 sequential steps must be completed by you to develop your building blocks which create tangible advisor value for you to exude and expand 24 hours a day… a critical concept for the advisor in the future to comprehend.

Never Static Always Dynamic

The Taxonomy of Tangible Alpha is the actionable progression that constantly surrounds your building blocks. To remain relevant and become irreplaceable you must own the perception of your value… you must accomplish this by design or risk becoming irrelevant and or replaceable.

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Design
  • Deliver
  • Remind
  • Refine

Your business is never static… it is always a work in progress. The Tangible Alpha Taxonomy along with the Tangible Alpha Building Blocks you design will empower you to get and keep ideal clients while expanding the breadth and depth of your services. Also the ability to create a culture that is designed to produce scalability for inorganic growth. Welcome to the Next Dimension of Advisor Growth… by design.