Helping Advisors Survive In A Robo-World



Incremental steps toward exponential results

The Circle of Trust

To survive in the digital era of financial services advisors must become more confident about the value they provide… we teach advisors how to gather this confidence with ease.

The Twittersphere

The digital universe for financial advisors includes the Twittersphere. Your micro-moments are critical for remaining relevant… but don’t screw it up.

Get Better

You are good… but you have to improve every day to survive in a robo-world. Discover exactly how advisors are leveraging their unique value around the world.

Your Value DNA

What makes you unique will make you elite… but only to the right audience. Discover Your Advisor DNA to remain relevant in a robo-world.

The Big Picture

To stay relevant, advisors must think and act differently than what legacy training has taught them.

My Global Relationships

We are sharing our wisdom to simplify the process of advisor relevance. And we need feedback to get it done right.

Laws of Advisor Value

Advisors should be unencumbered when it comes to publishing their beliefs and opinions about the industry. We lead by example with our Laws of Alpha.

Sustainable Organic Growth

Sustainable organic growth comes from predictable recurring revenue… or at least the ability to create predictable recurring revenue when it is compounded by the catalyst of successful repetition.