Incremental steps toward exponential results

24/7 Feedback in a Robo-World

Feedback is Happening 24/7 Your Metrics In a digital omnichannel world, feedback is happening 24/7 with likes, comments, DM's, social shares, etc... It feels like there is a new way to give and receive digital feedback every day.  In order to...

Get and Keep Ideal Clients

In the Future... How will financial advisors get and keep ideal clients? This is a walk-through for the first six micro-learning modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha Purpose  You must lead with a client centered purpose to remain...

Amplify Your Alpha

In the new digital landscape of financial services, advisors are learning exactly how to take complete control over the perception of their unique value. It’s a good thing for the advisors and the clients as well.

Your Filter

Turning the noise into value. Are You Building On Purpose?The first six micro-modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha allow you to set your unique foundation for trust so you can promise your behavior and expect reciprocal actions... which means you only work...

Beware of The Reverse-Churn

In a digitally transparent world, advisors should become acutely aware of the implications associated with reverse churning.

Align Your Purpose With Your Fees

        Alignment of Fees with Purpose For advisors to survive in a robo-world they must be granted the autonomy to build their own unique compensation structure that demonstrates tangibly, their alignment with the success of the...

What is Micro-Learning?

Micro-learning is a technique that involves tiny chunks of information, ingested in short bursts of time. This is in-line with the way the brain naturally takes in and retains information, making it an effective way to learn.

Design Your Value for a Robo-World

Staying relevant seems more important than building value… but today’s advisor must first amplify his or her unique value in order to remain relevant.