Helping Advisors Survive In A Robo-World



Incremental steps toward exponential results

Outside the Black Box

Superstar advisors think outside the “black box” of industry generated value. This is how they do it.

Rethinking Advisor Alpha

Advisors must challenge convention to survive and thrive in a robo-world. Traditional perspectives of advisor alpha are not going to create maximum relevance for the advisor in the future…

How Are You Spending Yours?

Are you living your life on purpose? Is you business being built the same way? Take advantage of every moment.

This Is My Filter

This is my filter, it belongs to me. It is not a sales funnel. I do not sell products in a vacuum. I am not interested in trying to be all things to all people.

Is This For Me?

This is Tangible Alpha… This is the micro-value development platform that has been designed for financial advisors to discover, define, and design their own unique authentic value. Why? So they can live their preferred lives.

24/7 Feedback in a Robo-World

Feedback is Happening 24/7 Your Metrics In a digital omnichannel world, feedback is happening 24/7 with likes, comments, DM's, social shares, etc... It feels like there is a new way to give and receive digital feedback every day.  In order to...

Get and Keep Ideal Clients

In the Future... How will financial advisors get and keep ideal clients? This is a walk-through for the first six micro-learning modules of Infinite Advisor Alpha Purpose  You must lead with a client centered purpose to remain...

Amplify Your Alpha

In the new digital landscape of financial services, advisors are learning exactly how to take complete control over the perception of their unique value. It’s a good thing for the advisors and the clients as well.