Designing a tangible advisor brand is an asset for advisors that creates these benefits…

  • It’s going to make your solutions more attractive to higher quality clients.
  • Eliminate  any possible doubt pertaining to the solutions that you provide for your IDEAL audience.
  • It will help you remain relevant in a digital first consumer driven ecosystem… this ain’t your daddy’s Wall Street.  
  • Transform your business from product sales and marketing >>> to a menu of valued services designed for your unique audience.
  • It’s going to enable you to maximize margins and get paid what you’re worth.
  • Never discount your services again.


  • You will know your value and how to convey it.


  • You will become known for the quality of your questions.
  • It’s going to empower you to set and maintain expectations.


  • The power of a repeatable process that creates predictable recurring revenue.
  • Scale your business for perpetual Sustainable growth.



Not a pitch…

This is your alpha becoming tangible.

I’m not teaching advisors how to craft a pitch or a proposition to fill their sales funnels with leads.  This digital filter qualifies prospects and reminds clients of your alpha…  it also refines your relevance (at the same time with the same content).

If your audience could have a detailed understanding of the problems you solve and the solutions you provide and they were able to make clear connections between the problems they have and the results that they need… would that make your job as a trusted financial advisor easier?  

If you were able to create a filter that empowered you to work with only like-minded ideal clients would you be more successful?  

The most valuable asset that you have as an advisor is the ability to deliver results that can’t be achieved by your clients.



The problem is demonstrating your ability to deliver results with intangible processes.  

So it’s up to you to be able to take complete control over your processes to control how your value is perceived.   We help you do that by making your intangible value tangible in the form of your Tangible Advisor Alpha… Your Advisor Brand.  

The future of financial services is multi-dimensional. It’s not linear. There is no “next level.”

The future of your business depends on your digital relevance. Controlling your digital relevance is the next dimension of your business, your success, and your life.

You must be empowered to work exponentially.

Owning your unique Tangible Advisor Brand is the first step.   

Do the work now… and I’ll see you in the next dimension.   

Grant Barger  

“Relevance is the Infinite Advisor Challenge”