Barger’s Law

Barger’s Law


I must define my own value in my words for detection by my desired audience.


It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours (INBBY) is a business mantra for entrepreneurial financial advisors. The phrase was coined by Steve Barger in the 1980’s and was the title of his groundbreaking advisor development program for many years.

What INBBY taught us…

Definable, detectable, desirable advisor value is the name of the game in the digital age of transparency. Advisors must define their competency, character, and concern in their own words and create tangible touch-points for their desired audience. This law has been a staple of our elite coaching platforms for over three decades. It’s nobody’s business but yours… You must define your value in your words and make it tangible for digital consumption by your ideal audience.

The collaborative contract you create with your trusted partner clients assures you the ability to gather the critical feedback necessary to consistently refine the sustainable relevance of your unique business.